Thursday, December 4, 2014

Advent / The Peace of Christ

"The advent of our King...   Nor let your faithless heart despise the peace He comes to bring."
LSB 331

A King has many jobs, the ultimate is to bring peace and prosperity to the nation.  And so our anticipated King and Savior comes.  We have languished in a darkness, in a desolation, in fear and conflict.  And Christ comes to provide the needed peace.  And our faithless hearts might despise this peace.  Why would we despise this peace?  What is this peace?

"My peace I give to you and leave with you, not as the world gives."  Jesus says.

Christ's peace is founded upon his mercy.  We don't always want mercy.  We may not think we need mercy.  It can be more comfortable to accuse God, accuse the neighbor, accuse our husbands or wives, our mothers, our employers, our friends, our enemies, than examine ourselves and realize our deep need for forgiveness.  This can become an academic topic to discourse on, but the reality is much bloodier.  Mercy is a messy business. The messiest of all. And the happiest of all.

Yet, in finding reconciliation is the heart of all real joy and peace.  Jesus' mercy is also for me.  :)

This is why the church keeps on saying:  "Lord, have mercy.  Christ have mercy.  Lord have mercy".  Grant us your peace.   O come, o come, Emanuel.

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