Saturday, November 22, 2014

Arizona Trip / 2 / November

This is a picture I took from the side of the road heading north from Kayenta toward Monument Valley on the Hopi and Navajo reservation. It was a very dramatic place.

As we were heading east on the 160 we came down from a plateau as the town lay below us.  There was a darkening sky to the east looking like a big rain storm and in front of it was heading a dust storm.  I was driving while my husband, who had caught a cold at the Grand Canyon, was sleeping.  I  decided to wake him up just to see this.

It did rain all the rest of the way to Farmington, after that.  And in Farmington it snowed on Sunday. We stopped at the Four Corners monument, too, where everything was slippery in red wet desert mud. My husband wanted to see the Four Corners very much, because he had seen it on "Breaking Bad."  I found it a little underwhelming as an tourist attraction, but my husband was very satisfied and had his picture taken standing in all four States, at the same time.  (This is quite something.  He never asks to have his picture taken...)

We noticed that many of the towns on the reservation had new McDonalds restaurants.  The burgers were well priced, as there was no tax charged on them.  The Wifi comes in handy, too.  Altogether a great drive.

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