Thursday, July 10, 2014

Music Workshop / Met a woman

I was able to attend a workshop with Music Together.  To our surprise and delight our instructor was one of the founders of the movement, Professor Dr. Lilli L., who was fabulous, of course; and the scientific aspects of her lecture were very useful also.  Mostly, I love the music in the curriculum.  The suggestions for use with the family and children were very good.

In addition, however, I had the delight to meet some women from up and down the West-coast, as the Vancouver workshop was oversubscribed and the attendees were keen.  We had lunch at the indoor playground/cafe next door getting acquainted some more, outside of class.  One of the young women quickly became dear to me.  She is a young Christian mother struggling to raise a son with autism disorder.  Autism can mean many things, but in her case the child was born very prematurely.   I happen to know a little bit about the difficulties involved with this sort of situation, as I have a God-child who was born at 745 gr.  (The tiny girl was baptized in the incubator with water that had condensed inside it.)

The woman was very interested to hear my story, in full,  too, and when I recounted my loss of an 18-year-old son, she felt she heard a hardness and unforgiveness in my telling of it.  She proceeded to quoted me  Bible passages and told me to pray on the spot and give things up to the Lord.  She apologized for being so forward, and indeed I thought she was forward.  But I knew she was also speaking from her own difficult situation.  My heart is with her.  She is young and bright and articulate and tied to the rearing of a child with unknown future.  Yet, she thought my situation was the worst she could imagine.  I looked in her eyes across my big coffee cup, held like bit of a shield, and wished her all the same things back, she was wishing me.  We knew she was talking about herself, too.


She also told me about a music ministry, and I just want to paste it hear so I don't lose the link.
I listened to two songs.  The young woman thought they were of better musicality that what we often encounter in contemporary Christian music.  I will have a closer listen, as time permits.  Here is one song:

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