Thursday, July 24, 2014

More Angels

"Am Zenith der Zeiten kam sein Sohn zur Welt".
"At the zenith of time, His Son came to the world."

Another beautiful angels picture.

Archangel Gabriel struck Zechariah mute - Alexander Ivanov

Photo: Oh how I wish I could have switched places so that my child could have had a long life..~Susan

When I think about my deceased son in prayer, I draw a blank.  I don't know what to say.
After some silence, I hear:  "I love him even more than you."

I really like this one, because Jesus needs help and comfort, too, in his hour of tribulation.

This is the picture we often see, a kind of German, kitschy thing, if I may say so, but loved.

This one reminds me of my husband and myself.  Surely, we are sometimes a kind of angel to each other.

This one might come in handy one day.  Angels sing the Gospel and praise to God.  It is a lovely thing.
We sometimes talk about joining their chorus.  "Holy, holy, holy..."  In church we join the church everywhere and invisible in heaven.

"Soli Deo gloria", their objective and ours.

As Christians, we can also sing God's praise in grief.  The Lord collects all our tears in a bottle, and the death of his saints is precious to him.  This is comforting, also.

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