Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spring 14 / Special events

We can finally say that spring is here.  Usually it transitions to summer quite quickly, but still my Lilies of the Valley are finally blooming.  In German they are called Maigloeckchen, that is May-bells, which, obviously, does not work here since the did not bloom until June.

There have been several beautiful and gratifying graduations, not to mention the preschool graduations which I have conducted myself.

A pair of  tree swallows is installed in the birdhouse which also likes to survey the scene from the top of an arch.  The arch serves as a safe perch for other birds, too.  They are fun to watch but they have also attracted all the neighborhood cats and can be quite noisy themselves.  I admire the shimmering blue feathers.  There is always something exotic about a shimmering blue bird.

I have discovered the local library.  It was a jewel right in front of my face, but now I am using it.  The occasion of the discovery was a little symposium held there for the workers in early childhood, to which I was invited.  The librarians are fantastic people and they cheerily help me order whatever I want.  (This should save my husband considerable amounts of money.)  I have ordered in several books for the preschool, such as the practical aspects behind math manipulatives and math intuition.  I have also ordered "The Trickster makes this World", because some people talk about it--and it has arrived already.  The inter-library loans are speedy.  The building is newly expanded and updated, furnished beautifully for adults and children with a forest scene for playing or reading in, big windows, from which one currently can see greenery.  (This won't last too long.)  Currently one can even use the bicycle to go downtown, that being a thrill rarely afforded the rest of the year.

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