Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday

The earth is brown.  The snow is mostly gone, even the pile we got a couple of days ago.  Not a green thing in sight.

The church was lovely, with lilies everywhere, the pastor in white with white stole, the table set in white, the silver communion ware gleaming, the many rousing hymns of joy resounding, full organ and I didn't have to play and  could just sing my heart out.

I took communion at the rail where my children took their first communion, and prayed the Lord to look after the one that can't look after any more.  I prayed for strength for the coming tasks.  I looked over the fellow communicants and was moved by their steady coming, receiving and vowing, no matter their life circumstances, and they are varied. As someone said afterward:  a collection of the finest people I know.  Indeed.  I agree.  Farmers mostly, but the very finest.

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