Friday, March 28, 2014

How are things

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I have a week off work...

The reading of Chesterton's "Orthodoxy" is almost completed.  The snail's pace I can afford right now is suitable to this booki, since there are so many beautiful and interesting things in it.  Chesterton is forever spying out a mystery, picking up clues and finishing with a surprise.  His life is an endless adventure even in relation to what we consider most mundane.  He's a funny and sweet guy, as well as a lion tamer of all the wild and woolly ideas out there.

The image of the "lion tamer" is fitting.  Chesterton introduces it when he talks about the beginner who first gets inflamed with an idea or ideology;  he is like a tea teetotaler on his first drink gone to his head.  But others deal with ideas like a "lion tamer".  I would suggest we can say that he is such a man.  He brings them all to heel and obey and into the right place. He is in control.

Secondly, I want to say that I squeezed in two lectures by Dr. Gene Veith when he was in Edmonton last weekend.  His talks dealt with "Christianity and the Arts and the Imagination", also in relationship to Christian Apologetics.

A summary of these lectures, by moi, will be the next post, probably by Monday.  That's the plan.

Dr. GeneVeith blogs here:
Also find his excellent books on

Everything he writes is timely and profound, as well as deeply Christian in the Lutheran tradition, carefully distinguishing Law and Gospel, always Christ and cross-centered; excellent stuff.  He is also a very kind man and deeply in awe of the mysteries of God; -- no mere dogmatician here.  He also is a lion tamer and in love with life in the right way.

Both he and Chesterton can help us see things straight, intellectually, emotionally and imaginatively.

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