Sunday, March 9, 2014


I read the story of Cain and Abel this morning, the appointed reading from the Treasury of Daily Prayer.  There is an ever increasing distance.  First Adam and Eve were sent away from the Garden, and now Cain, because of his deed, is sent further afield to be a wanderer.  He complains.  I will be away from your face.

But he worries about his safety.  The further away you get from God's face, the less safe you are.  Safe in what respects?  Cain thought he would be killed.  God tells him, your problem is sin.  It is crouching at your door.  Go about mastering it.

He killed his brother from pure malice and jealousy.  Able was a "good" one.  God tells Cain, that he should act decently.  God has always been holy and good.  We cannot stay in his presence and persist in our wrong. Leave, he says.

And enforces it.
Go away.
But he still protects Cain.

Eve has more babies "with the help of the Lord".  Adam knows her and God helps her.

We, too, are her offspring, by God's willing.  We are not in Eden, nor just east of it.  We don't see God's face.

But we can have his body and blood.

Off to it.

Forgive me, where I have wronged you.

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