Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I've been busy... and can't even seem to get any reading done.  This is the book I'm trying to work on:

(See also Concordia Publishing House.)

It hasn't grabbed me overly much, yet, as far as I've got;  I feel, here and there, that things have been brought in that don't completely pertain or are analogous.  At some point, maybe, we'll quote a bit.

Mostly, I've been living off the "Words of Jesus" app on my cell-phone.  It is a change to not stuff your mind with a lot of reading and just go with Jesus' words plain and simple.  A little can go so far.

Today, there was a quote from the Gospel of John, where Jesus says that the Helper will come and help them remember all the things that he said.

First I thought, hm, the skeptics will say that: yes, yes, of course, John's is the last gospel and this is how he claims that what he writes is true.  The Holy Spirit told him.

But in real life this happens.  We remember the right thing at the right time.  It seems to come out of nowhere.  Or we had a relationship with someone, a relationship that had its ups and downs, but afterward you can only remember the nuggets.  All the dross has been washed away, but that what is pure gold remains and it is lodged somewhere in you, living, growing, giving without loss, shining more brightly with time, becoming more valuable all the time. This is how the Holy Spirit works.  He is there.  He is alive.  He comforts and he brings things to mind. Just so, Jesus words are never lost.   They remembered them, they talked about them, the preached about them, they wrote them down.

As they said with astonishment, he does not teach like their scribes but as one who has authority.  Who can forget?--Unforgettable.

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