Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Life at the Moment

Dear Reader, I am, at the moment, swamped.  I have taken on new work, a new choir, a new exercise regimen.  My husband's bookkeeping beckons and someone wrote me today "How is the website for the next Life Life conference going?"  Well, it has not been going.  In fact, I had not been aware that this was my assignment, since I had missed the committee meeting.

I really want and should write something about the videos in the last post regarding Reza Aslan's book, but I am lacking the steam and the time.  There are five messages in my "personal Disqus",which I am sure won't be kind or pleasant.  I don't feel like looking at them either.

For relaxation, I have been reading a book I bought on the last shopping trip to West Edmonton Mall.  (I don't buy anything there besides books and lunches. My husband should not feel too bad about it.)  This one is titled:  "On Writing Well.  The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction." by William Zinsser.  As one would expect, the book is a non-fiction book that is well written, and enjoyable to read.  All the excerpts are well chosen and inspiring further plans of book purchases.  Well, maybe some are free on I-books.   

The book reminds me of why I love non-fiction so much more than fiction.  You can read just as much as what you have time and stamina for--and then lay it down.  Let the information circulate and percolate and find a home in the neural network.  Fiction works you all into a lather and then you have to keep on reading compulsively to the often bitter or emotional end.  It reminds me of some of the conversations I have been having.  There are individuals who want to work you into a lather and then keep you arguing, ad nauseam.  Unfortunately, I am a weak-kneed female and don't know when to quit.  It is my own damn fault. 

Well, thank you Mr., Dr. Zinsser, whoever you are.  Your book is refreshing and hopefully will have salutary effect on the writing quality of this humble servant.  I do want to write, but I want to write better than I have been. --  That is all I can say today.  God bless you.  I feel better for having written at least this much.

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