Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Paradise in Islam

I've been reading about Islamic Paradise here, a very thoroughly documented article.  The strangest thing is that in Paradise all will have all the carnal pleasures imaginable, even those that are strictly forbidden in this life.  Women don't fare as well.  They just get their old husband back, who now will be a rejuvenated 30 years old, however, ready to take on 72 other beautiful women about him and drawing on the virility of 100 men which will be granted him.

If you abstain from all these sins here, you will then get to enjoy those carnal pleasures in paradise!   The words fail me to describe this phenomenon.   This must be the principle of submission.  If you submit to the rules now, you get your reward later.  But as the article states, the system reduces human beings to sexual beasts.

I do not think that the article overstates the matter.  I have watched videos of Muslims making converts on the streets of London.  The evangelists mentions the beautiful companions in paradise as he makes his pitch.

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