Sunday, June 16, 2013

Roman Catholic Apologists

I am not sure why everybody needs to be an "apologist" these days.  Someone last week called me a Lutheran apologist "of sorts", and thankfully "articulate", and that from a more or less hostile source.  But I never aim to be an "apologist", I only aim to be a "confessor".

Here, I got involved in an argument re:  RC apologists last week.  What got me going really, only, was the bit about Luther "dissembling", where he quotes someone who claims to have his support, on rebaptism.  Anyhow, the writer of the post, the illustrious and diligent James Swan, aims to show that Roman Catholic apologists cannot be called Christian brothers.

Across my computer, today, came this article:  "Descendant of Charles Darwin becomes Catholic Apologist".   If it were so!  If she were a catholic apologist--but no doubt she is a Roman Catholic apologist. --But I don't want to say anything not having read a thing she has said, or barely anything.

The other thing that came across last week was an interview with the famous Bono.  He confesses and states quite clearly his faith in Christ and the sacrifice of Calvary.  Here we have, at least, as small "c", catholic confession of Jesus Christ, never mind RC apologetics.

Ironically, this post is titled "no apologizing".

On the other hand, in terms of Reformed and Baptist "bretheren"  we have often put downs coming our way regarding baptism. It's happened to me a few times and I have also had my "salvation" questioned, my soul being in peril.  A missionary friend has this on FB today:

Compliment of the day, Brazilian pastor tells me, "I just can't agree with you because you believe baptism saves. I hope you are ready to stand by that on Judgment Day!" Thank you, I am ready because God said so, see Titus 3:4-6.

As Luther taught us to say:  "baptizatus sum".  "I am baptized".  When all fails and hell breaks loose.  "I am baptized." It will hold. The mercy of God, pure and simple. 


James Swan said...

I don't think of myself as an apologist either. Rather, I have a hobby which is having a blog. The Internet has made it possible for people to think that what they have to say is important, and the world needs their opinion.

Brigitte said...

I am thinking about it. What is the material difference between an apologist, a confessor or a person with a blog?