Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Read the Large Catechism

Interesting spring so far.  I've put my back out pulling up carpet but managed to get my garden in.  With all the rain, it is beginning to look lovely and promising.  Then we caught the flu and are languishing with this.  I was in bed feeling miserable and in that condition I reached for Luther's large catechism which lies nearby and read 45 pages of about 150  in between sleeping.  It does not matter how sick I am I can still read Lutheran doctrinal material.  It just goes in like water into a dry sponge.  Refreshing, simple, deep, sensible, solid, honest, renewing, hopeful...

I have to say that I just really admire the large catechism.  It is a brilliant piece from all  perspectives.  I have no idea why people find this sort of thing divisive or boring.  They must not be reading it.  I think I will read it several times through.


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