Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Justus Weiner, Jewish lawyer protecting Christians in Palestinian Territories

Last night, the CBC had a flashy program on the all the crises in the Middle East, Afghanistan and now Turkey.  They had assembled an interesting panel of commentators, which included people who originated in those areas.  Janice Stein was on the panel also, and in the end summarized the whole thing as "post revolution turmoil" that will end some day, maybe in 20 years.  They did briefly mention the influx of Saudi style theology and money but there was no mention of the suffering of Christians in the region and the atrocities committed against them all over the place, nor was there any commentary on Islam and specifics of Saudi style Islam or any other.  Religion was pretty much bypassed in the analysis.

We have to hand it to the National Post and thank it for making a real effort of bringing some of the biases and omissions to light.

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