Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Morning Song. "Schon bricht des Tages Glanz hervor." Translated.

Here is a morning song from the hymnal I just mentioned in the last post.

It was written by Jochen Klepper and I've never sung it before now or heard it sung anywhere else.   It does not seem to have been produced for Youtube, either.

It is found on page 807 and I will translate it for you.  The melody is very simple and plain chant style.  Apparently it comes from the 9th century, according to the Latin hymn "Iam lucis orto sidere", which maybe also is the same text, as it lines up with the title of Klepper's hymn.

The title is "Schon bricht des Tages Glanz hervor."

Already the brilliance of the day appears,
full of humility let us beg of the Lord,
that in all that may occur to day,
he would protect us from all harm.

May he keep our lips from sin,
may no discord distance us from each other.
May he open our eyes,
and show us what is vain and selfish.

Wrestle for the cleanness of the heart,
lay down  all hardness.
Bend and break the pride of the flesh,
and use appropriately our food and drink.

So that, when the sun goes down,
and the darkness envelopes us again,
and we lay down the burdens of the world,
we sing praises to Him in the heavens.

Praise be to the one, who is our Father,
and to his Son Jesus Christ,
and to the Spirit, also,
who grants us comfort,
in the past, now, and forever.  


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