Thursday, May 30, 2013

Crucified Again / Persecution of Christians in Islamic countires

When I grew up, in Germany, on the second TV channel (Zweites Deutsches Fernesehen, ZDF), there were weekly programs highlighting the plight of those dissidents who were persecuted behind the iron curtain.  Many suffered in prisons, the gulag, mental hospitals, and died.  Certainly, many Christians and pastors suffered unspeakably.  As a child, this was the sort of thing of nightmares and worry, along with all the war stories and the nuclear arsenal, etc.  Also, as Christians we used to consider what kind of persecution we would be able to stand, and we often said it was important to memorize things because you did not know who might deprive you of liberty and your books.

It seems incredible that in this day and age of media saturation, that we hear so little in the public sphere regarding the sharia revolutions underway all over the place and the intense suffering, persecution and displacement of millions.  We will have our nightly dose of drama, which must include at least an episode of murder or adultery at least at the rate of one every five minutes, but we will not face the suffering imposed by a totalitarian religion on the vulnerable, peaceful and easily duped.  Just look at that man in the last post who converted to Islam on the street.  What kind of Muslim will he be.  Certainly he is being exploited from the get-go by the posting of this video...  What will be next?

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