Friday, April 12, 2013

UNICEF data on children in Industrialized Nations, comparison of reporting and analysis / i.e. U.S. ignoring study results

Last week UNICEF released a study comparing and rating the well-fare of children in industrialized nations.

The full report is here.  Please view it.  The comparative chart is easy to read and found on page 2, showing the categories in three shades of blue for easy comparison.

Below, see how the story was handled in the media in different countries. In the German news it made headlines, highlighting the discrepancies in some of the measure.  This is where I came across the story, making me curious as to how Canada and the U.S. dealt with the story, since they placed even lower than Germany.

Basically, I found  no intelligent treatment  of the story in the US media, which I find disturbing. I am still looking.  Let me know if you find something.

See my quick little survey, below:

The CBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, has a number of stories dealing with results relevant to Canada. For example here:

The National Post, the paper I get delivered at home, has three stories, below the link to one:

The Wall Street Journal has a story about how badly Canadian children are doing.

Fox news has a story on how badly children are doing in Great Britain, completely ignoring results about United States.,2933,252039,00.html

CNN has a video, where the interviewer cuts off the person beginning to show how poorly the U.S. is doing in comparison.

The Huffington Post has an article, which does mention that the US is pretty far down the list in a number of measures but makes no real attempt at analysis or summarizing the info.

ABC News only carries a story on a Unicef study on children in Congo.

I can't find the story in the New York Times, either.  I don't know where else to look for US news.

I can't find anything in the Los Angeles Times.

The Tagesschau from Germany has a number of stories, also showing the chart for the comparison between all the countries, analyzing the discrepancies found which are relevant to Germany.

Deutsche Welle carries this story in the English language:

The British have this, offering some analysis of their own situation:

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