Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Divine Historian?

George Jonas writes great commentaries for the National Post.  This one, today, on the task of historians is quite good.

The Philanthropist, the Marxist Academics, the Historian and another chubby Diner, and George Jonas, of course, discuss the task of historians.

Many noways seem to me to abandon scholarship for ideas such as promoted in the last post, sounding like Pontius Pilate and his abandonment of search for truth. Is that the post-modern way?  Or the modern way?  What do I know.

(I was going to cut and paste the very end of the article, here, but the National Post won't let me without a licence.)

(The spell checker does not know "Pontius Pilate";  it is suggesting "Pontiac".  Here we have a prime example of what we are talking about.  No more Pontius Pilate, though we mention him every single Sunday and have for millennia from the very time it happened.)

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