Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Honesty Day

Apparently it is is World Honesty Day, today, April 30th.  It also happens to be my wedding anniversary, a big round number today.

(This is an important date but be assured I am not using it as any password anywhere.) 

World Honesty Day.  I suppose we are trying to have a day to encourage something positive.
Wikipedia has this.   Ah, we see it is a "national" day in the United States.  No wonder we have not heard of it before.

Honesty.  Honest Abe.

You would think people would not need to say:  "If I am completely honest."  or "Honestly"--anything.  Let your "yes" be "yes" and your "no" be "no".   Someone in my family used to say:  "You know me, I have to speak honestly."  This was an introduction, usually, to saying something you might not otherwise say, either unkind, or gossipy, or just critical.  I am not sure that this introduction of complete honesty helped the matter.

The biggest liar I have ever met would say:  "I have to be completely honest, here."

I am "honest" seems like saying, I am "humble".  You just don't say it.  It just is so and everyone knows it.

And yet honesty is what we need and want.  Truth is what we need and want.  Humility is what we should need and want.

Do we want it?  Yes and no.  We want it more than anything and we also want it less than anything.

Some C.S. Lewis people posted this for Honesty Day on Facebook.  It is kind of an interesting choice.

Honesty involves an openness to facts. 

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