Sunday, April 29, 2012

Laws and laws.

It's just like what we do with the Law--walk all over the big things, such as in the 10 commandments, and worry about the other six hundred as the Pharisees did. Those we can keep. Makes us feel good.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Christ is our Poem. Ad Theosophism.

Christ is our poem.  Ad Theosophism. 

What is thought without word?
What are words without grammar?
What is worship without liturgy?
What is love without bounds?
What is faith without promise?
What is piety without doctrine?
What is an open mind without edifice?
What is gospel without law?
What is spiritual without body?
What is charm without orthodoxy?
What is authenticity without a crucified ego?
What is a crucified ego without Christ?
What is a poem without truth?
What is life without Creator?

I wrote this for a friend.  You may use it if you like.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Paul Maier: Christianity and the Competition

My husband and I watched this video recently, as someone gave us the DVD's as a present.  (Anyone may borrow them if they like.)  But, as we see, the video is also available on Youtube.  I think it is very worthwhile watching.  I would have been glad to see something like this at around confirmation time, when we all wondered what other religions are about in contrast to ours.

I found the material could be expanded, especially in today's contexts, but still found the overall thrust very worthwhile and it really needs to be watched to the very end where he wraps things up.