Friday, December 21, 2012

Exercising through a cold winter

... without going outside much.

His and her's machines and i-pads, side-by-side. 

It seems indulgent, but he needs his i-pad for work and the treadmill is already old.  The elliptical is new from Costco and will be paid for by one winter's gymn fees not paid out.  

Husband and I mostly enjoy different things from Netflix while exercising.  

It seems that one subscription pays for several viewings simultaneously. This way I've caught up on some interesting shows and movies:  Elizabeth the first, Breaking Bad, Machiavelli,  the Borgias.  -- Lot's of good solid historical things.  Also stuff on diet and exercise and one on psychedelic drugs and how they supposedly show us the way to genuine experience of the spiritual or maybe parallel universes, or spirits, angels or gods, or help us through addictions.  (They are not sure which it is;  but they seem to need to rationalize their use of substances.)

We keep increasing our speeds and resistances and length of time.  So this is working.  

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