Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas and Nazi poets / 2

It is the forth of Advent Sunday and tomorrow is Christmas Eve, so not much working on this, at the moment.  However, see a sample of the ideological Christmas song:

It goes like this:

Valley and hills are covered in snow,
and the nights are silent,
as we, at this time, at this time,
bow before the silence,
bow before the silence.

Somewhere deep in the forest,
a little spruce tree is green and hidden.
This makes our hearts glad,
just like the bright morning.

It's pretty terrible, isn't it.

I'm not into obscenities, but something comes to mind, excuse me.   This is so bad.

This one is from the Nazi Party Women's Magazine.  It goes like this:

It will happen:
a new light will rise.
Light must come again,
even after these dark days.
Let us not ask ourselves,
whether we will see it, too.
It will happen:
a new light will rise.

Just lovely.  Lovely.  Genial.

For the word "rise", they actually use "resurrection".  A new light will be "resurrected."
Wonderful.  Aren't we glad.

At the very top of the illustration we seem to have a rooster.  Perhaps because there will be eggs and then there will be chicks and they are like a "resurrection."  --  I don't know.  It's bizarre.

Thank God, we don't have to live under such people.

This is how it ended.  Christmas in the bunker.  My mother was a little girl like this, in the basement in Darmstadt.  The "genius" lead everything to ruin and by force. 


James Swan said...

"This is how it ended. Christmas in the bunker. My mother was a little girl like this, in the basement in Darmstadt. The "genius" lead everything to ruin and by force."

Very interesting. Have you ever written any blog posts about this?

Brigitte said...

James, I am beginning to regret we don't have all the stories down better. Over Christmas I've been trying to pump the old people over how all the youth movements could be merged into the Hitler youth with more or less force. But the people we have left are born in the mid-thirties.

My mother-in-law told me that after 1942 your Hitler youth membership was linked to your food rations. But there is a really good article to answer my question here:

What interests me also: why and how all these 400 youth movements in the first place. Some of them were definitely of a German and nature faith variety.