Thursday, November 8, 2012

Repenting of "Love".

 "The deepest appeal of secular morality is its role in the formation and preservation of 'love relationships.' How do we know that we love? There is no other way but to reach deep into ourselves and consult the inner voice, which is not the voice of reason but the voice of feeling. We succumb to that inward self so completely that we feel that we have lost control. We don't love, but are 'in love,' and we are now not entirely responsible for what we do. Love is the sin for which we find it almost impossible to repent. That is why Paolo and Francesca, the two adulterers who inhabit the outer ring of Dante's inferno, still cling together like doves, appealing to the law of love, "Which absolves no one from loving." (Dinesh De Souza in "What's so great about Christianity?", p. 260)

Someone I spoke to recently, felt that God was leading that person to the place where he succumbed to a number of vices once more, including another extramarital sexual relationship.

That person was not too keen to be told that this was not God's doing and will, it seemed so contrary to feeling.

This brought back this quote to me.  --  No dearest, it is NOT God's will.  It is NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT.

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