Thursday, November 8, 2012

Law and Gospel / Walther

A long time ago I read Walther's Law and Gospel;   now, I have the new version in hand and will have a look at it.

Right in the introduction, I want to note something:

Walther is often criticized as being a "citation theologian."  A glance at Law and Gospel and almost any other work by Walther other than sermons would seem to support this view.  Walther readily acknowledged that it was true, and he made no apology for it.  He was content to sit at the feet or stand on the shoulders of those who defended biblical teaching.  Walther always began with proof from the Word of God (Beweis aus Gottes Wort).  Then followed the witness of the Church in its official confessions (Zeugnisse der Kirche in ihren offentlichen Bekenntnissen).  Then followed the witness of the Church in the private writing of its teachers (Zeugnisse der Kirche in den Privatschriften ihrer Lehrer).
Of the teachers of the Church, no one outranks Martin Luther.  Walther was convinced that a knowledge of Luther was necessary for both pastors and laity in the Church.  (p. ix)

I am greatly comforted by this man's fidelity.  He worked tirelessly and accomplished to most solid and enduring results.   This is really the main thing I strive for in my own life:  fidelity.

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