Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Delights From Utah

Our dear friend and brother Rev. Bror Erickson, mailed me some of the new translations of Giertz "Then Fell the Lord's Fire".  The book is a collection of Ordination Sermons by Bo Giertz.  (If you live around here and you would like one, tell me, but most of these already have recipients.  --  Order from here, at Magdeburg Press.  

Bror also sent me some of his pendants which he likes to make in his spare time, which I will enjoy wearing.  :)

In checking for info on Bo Giertz, on-line, I see that the Wikipedia entry is very sparse.  Someone might fix this.  Here is also a nice entry by Gene Veith, some time ago. 

Thank you very much Bror.  You are turning into what the Japanese call a "National Treasure" (those who keep alive important tranditions such as pottery, etc.), both with your translations and jewelry making!

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