Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wearing a cross a hate crime?

How did it come to something like this?  It is about the most Orwellian thing that has happened in my lifetime.

We have Islam that condemns that is commanded to establish theocracy where ever it spreads and subjugate the unbeliever.  If you make cartoons depicting the prophet you get a fatwa on you head and if you try to leave the religion you are supposed to be killed.  Not only this.  Sunni's and Shiites curse each other in  their respective mosques.  In Africa, they were throwing bombs into each other's mosques last week.  We have Hinduism where millions are condemned to live the life of the untouchables, etc.

Christianity is not the only religion which does not condone homosexuality.  However, it is the only religion which offers forgiveness for all sins and commands love and sacrificial concern for all.  But to wear a cross would be a hate crime.  This is complete insanity.

Homosexuals romp through our cities for their gay pride parades looking as perverse as possible.  They beat every mayor into submission so that he takes part and makes an appearance.  Then they insist they want to be married like other people.  If the cross is offensive, is the gay pride parade offensive?  Or rather, which is really offensive?

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