Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Reformation Day

Someone's FB post for today, Reformation Day.

Ecclesia semper reformanda est. (The church is to be continually reforming.)

O Spirit, who didst once restore

Thy church that it might be again

The bringer of good news to men,

Breathe on Thy cloven church once more,

That in these gray and latter days

There may be those whose life is praise,

Each life a high doxology

To Father, Son and unto Thee.

Lutheran Service Book #834:4

What does it mean that the church is always reforming?  To me it tends to mean that it always needs to be repenting.  That is always needs to correct its course back to true North, to the guiding star.

Are our questions really different today?  Or are the questions and different and the answer is the same for new and different people?

What does this mean?


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