Monday, October 29, 2012

More CBC--one week series on the "Myth of the Secular"

While driving around, I've listened to more CBC productions.  On the way home from a meeting tonight, I listened to a show, episode six in a series this week called the "Myth of the Secular".

We heared much from a theologian/philosopher John Milbank.  I found it very interesting and reminded me of many discussions I have lately had.  I haven't listened to it carefully enough, but in the end, though many good  points are made I will not be able to commit this view of myth, imagination and reality.  The fact that William Blake always figures in this, knowing his commitment to our foe Mr. Swedenborg, just bothers me right away.  This does not mean that important points are not made, but I am afraid that upon deeper listening, the "radical orthodoxy's"  Jesus will not turn out to be my Jesus, who is the way, the life, the truth, the Savior, the hope of mankind.  We are being offered a "humanist Christianity", but I am afraid that this will not work.  But I still want to listen to it completely and properly, sometime.

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