Saturday, October 13, 2012

Luther on Erasmus and Christ

Erasmus is also ambiguous:  Erasmus is a veritable Momus.  He ridicules and derides everything, all religion and Christ.  and in order to be able the better to do so, he by day and night thinks up equivocal and ambiguous words so that his books may be read also by a Turk.    And when he is thought to have said many things, he has said nothing at all.  All his writings may be construed in any way desirable.  Therefore he can be caught neither by us nor by the papists unless you first remove his equivocation.
If Christ and the gospel were in the heart of Erasmus, he would now, as an old man, write a commentary on some epistle of Paul;  he would not play in this way with puerilities but would use serious and simple words in theology.  But he does not apply himself to teaching Christ.  On the contrary, he loves to apply himself to equivocal, pernicious, and pestilent sayings, as is the one (ascribed to St. Peter in Gethsemane):  'May the devil mingle in this war;  what I clip off He heals;  He sides with the Jews as readily as with me!' -- These are satanic sayings, and Erasmus has become very proficient in this school.  The pupil has been made learned.  but I want none of this.  I want to cling to my Christ and speak seriously and simply about Him. 

What Luther says 936 (Plass).

I have to say that the internet is also full of this.  There are nowadays those, who want to be the "true" Christians, who have nothing serious to say about Christ, at all.  In fact they either leave him out entirely, or they specialize in duplicity, vagueness, ridicule, cuteness to an extent that a perversity becomes apparent to all but themselves and the similar minded.  They draw comics, they won't allow scripture quotations, they laugh at your catechism, thinking themselves wise.  At the same time they want to be viewed the most universally loving, the most humble, the most clever, the most creative, the most skilled...  Any Christian can tell them a mile away about their lack of serious confession of Christ.   I will stick with my pastor Luther who cannot stop talking about his and my dear Lord Jesus Christ, Savior of the world and me and you, who bore our sins to the wood of the cross and gave himself up for us freely out of his burning love.  To Him be all honor and glory.

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