Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fresh Start

Let's get ourselves back on track for the Catechism Translation.  It seems I've got derailed already on July 14/ 2011, where we have the last post and only got to the Sixth Commandment.  It seems, at the time, it was the Becker on "The Foolishness of God" which got us going in a different direction.  This was fruitful reading, however, and having received permission from the publishing house I proceeded to publish as many quotes as I did.  I should put them in order and publish them as one decent, continuing post, somewhere.  This would also serve as a good review of an excellent book, for myself.  (Put on list of things to do.)

Then, when I was quoting Becker all over the place, finding him quite profound, even on Facebook, when my new friend (S.S.)  :)  came along and plagued me with his opinions on the unsuitability of all this quoting.  From there I read and learned many interesting things and met American authors out of my usual circle, and pretty much off the radar screen in Canada, some of whom I appreciated more than others.  In the end, however, the catechism, great doctrine, and good, old authors don't go away and are not incompatible with other thinking and writing, or even creativity.

So the catechism continues in my booklet on page 50, with Bible quote #100.  We'll back to it tomorrow.  There is a bookmark in the right place, now.  The other books on the go, at the moment, are some apologetics by Alister McGrath and also by Michael Coren, who is coming to our Concordia University College of Alberta on Nov. 17th.  We will probably be interspersing them.

In terms of producing fresh works from your own experience, I think I have learned some valuable lessons and gained also some freedom and better idea of how it's done, but where something like the "enthusiasm" of Swedenborg happens, we are on the very wrong road, headed for the bushes and forest and marshes and getting lost altogether. Dangerous territory.  Watch out lest someone deceives.

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