Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's 30 below.

Alright. We finished looking over the last chapters of Just's "Heaven on Earth", which moved me to sit by the window and sing a hymn.

Most likely the text is copyrighted because it is newer song, so I won't tell you.  Under the left side it has a beautiful psalm verse, 85: 11 and 12  (...that goodness and faithfulness meet each other, and justice and peace kiss each other, that righteousness grow upon the earth and justice look down from heaven.)  On the other side on the bottom, we have a saying by Martin Buber:  "Wir koennen nur mit Gott reden, wenn wir unsere Arme um die Wet legen." -- "We can only speak with God, when we put our arms around the world."  The sayings complement the song which is a prayer for freedom, peace and joy, even in the little things and every day.  "Gib' uns Frieden jeden Tag."

But now we are headed out of doors.

"Fasten everything!"  say the ladies in my town choir.  No loose jackets, gloves or boots.  Every button closed and every snap attached.  You walk 15 seconds without your gloves, your hands are frozen, so it seems or is.  One isn't too sure how frozen is frozen when something is frozen.


Steve Martin said...

Hang on, Brigitte!

Global warming is coming!

Hang on! :)


Stay warm, my friend.

Brigitte said...

Thanks for the thought, Steve. :)

Are they wearing T-shirts on your beach or are they playing volley ball bare-chested?

Steve Martin said...

verpeThey are surfing (with wetsuits) and sunbathing, volleyball playing, etc., etc..

Big deal. I'm slinging groceries...

PS- I put that picture up to remind me (and you) of the wonderful time we had at the dinner you treated us to on the pier. We so enjoyed your time with us.

Brigitte said...

Short but unforgettable! Thanks so much!