Tuesday, January 17, 2012

God's gifts are for real.

I'm rereading parts of Arthur Just's "Heaven on Earth. The Gifts of Christ in the Divine Service."

For the abolitionists [of the historic liturgy], that gospel is tinged with a strong sense of works-righteousness, and it infects much of Protestantism today, particularly with the individual focus on "me and Jesus"  and the decision theology that runs rampant through its songs and sermon.  Among the Rationalists, there are restorationist tendencies in which the liturgy becomes an object of devotion, turning this rite that bears the salutatory means of grace into an idol to be worshiped.  The liturgy becomes a good work, the platform for presenting the propositional truths of the faith.  This ultimately undermines the incarnation and destroys the Church's sacramental life."  p. 262

We need to always stress that in Divine Service actual gifts are delivered to us.  It is proclamation but it is also "pro-me", for me and handed over to me right then and there.  Actual fact.  Not metaphor.

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