Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Downtown Edmonton in January / Break Forth


Steve Martin said...

Nice photos.

What is 'Break Forth'?

Brigitte said...

It's kind of hard to say. Mostly Christian people from all denominations flock to Edmonton by the thousands to hear speakers, bands and attend "equipping" seminars. I met a lot of interesting people and heard some different thoughts.

Still digesting.

Brigitte said...

What I am thinking about most is that with this "equipping" people are building up people to DO something, to make themselves useful, improve their relationships, families, churches and communities. This should not run counter to a tendency we have in our own church to kind of constrict the work to the pastor's work. Yes, word and sacrament is the most important and that is what he does. But what about the rest of us. Do we have work? Do we need, get training, support? If we are not all "ministers", are we all "deacons"? What about the "team approach"?

Steve Martin said...

Yes, Brigitte, we have work to do.

But we are free in deciding when and where and how best to do that work.

We are also free to go to gatherings like "Break Forth" to some ideas, also.

Hope you're having a good time and meeting some interesting people.

Myrtle said...

Have I mentioned lately that I enjoy your photos?????????

Brigitte said...

Thank you honey. XO