Monday, November 14, 2011

The latest CPH order

My newest package of books from CPH arrived last week.

One of the books I ordered was the "My First Hymnal".  It is a beautiful book with lovely illustrations.  If I had children at the house still, I would use it every day.  Absolutely.  I am thinking we are on the right track here with this book, but have felt for a long time that we almost, also, need a graded curriculum and accompanying audio CD's.

Luther, the graphic novel is amazing with tons of details but not information overload.  I would highly recommend it.  Must have, especially at $9.99.

I also checked out another size of Lutheran Study Bible to see how I like its type and feel, but now that I use my laptop for many things, I think I might get the e-version for myself.

The Story Bible  is a very large book with a huge number of engaging illustrations.  Someone I shared it with thought it was similar to a coffee table book.  Well, yes, the pictures caught me first, too.  But there are also other features such as highlighting related vocabulary, questions about the story and a prayer.  Very nice work.  Children's Bibles, I have often found in the past, are books that adults who are not well versed in Bible stories can use to familiarize themselves with the many characters and events.   So this Bible could work really well for an entire family.

So much for now.

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