Friday, October 28, 2011

Series with Christopher Hitchens at American Jewish University


Steve Martin said...

I feel so sorry for Hitchens and the others who do not know Christ and His love and freedom.

It's quite sad to listen to them in their uncertainty, and in their certainty...without the love of the Living God freeing them from themselves.

Brigitte said...

Very true and well said, Steve.

Without rewatching it there were several things which stick in my mind.

At the very end, Hitchens says that the Jews do seem to have an "atheist-gene", meaning that even these men who argue for the theist side are so vague and "certain in their uncertainty" that the disagreement is somehow bridged in some way. None really believes in God and the afterlife, or as Hitchens points out to them--in "redemption." Voila. Problem solved.

All of it is Christ-less and therefore hope-less.

Hitchens is dying and it is so ironic that he is getting help from Francis Collins. That is a great twist in affairs and very touching. God works in the most unexpected ways. We can pray for Hitchens and Collins and also Hitchen's brother Peter, who also speaks out for Christ.

Steve Martin said...

eteoYes, Brigitte, we should pray for these men.

The Lord works in mysterious ways, that's for sure.

Thanks for making these videos available on your blog.