Monday, June 6, 2011

Armamentarium for working through Catechism

So you don't think I am completely flying by the seat of my pants, I will show you some of the other resources I have assembled from my bookshelves.

We have a Concordia Triglotta from 1921.

We have also a Latin-German dictionary, which my mother gave me for Christmas many years ago.  She was always after my Latin, though I think most of it has worn off by now.  Since the children during the Reformation studied in both German and Latin, I am thinking that the Latin is also important to look at.  

We have three Luther Bibles.  First the oldest one.  It is very small with the thinnest parchment paper and yet does contain the Apocrypha.  It dates from 1912 and comes down from my grandmother.

The next one is my parents' wedding Bible, issued in  1954.  This one also has the Apocrypha.

The last one is the Bible my aunt gave me for confirmation class.  This one looks well used and so it was, both for reading and for lending out to my sister going on retreat.  I am told there was some wild action with pillows and books being thrown around.   She was also the one who put the sticker on.  This one is from 1972.

These are the most pertinent items.  


Steve Martin said...

You've got a nice collection, Brigitte!

And good, strong Bibles capable of withstanding all manner of pillow, and other fights!

When all else perishes, the Word of God will endure forever!

Brigitte said...

"Verbum Domini manet in aeternum." Yes!