Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lutheran Study Bible/ Pink and Blue

This is my third try at the Lutheran Study Bible because of the availability of various sizes and paper thicknesses.  I LIKE THIS ONE!-- This one, I can read with the glasses off by sticking it closer to the eyes.  It is really soft and flexible but durable on the outside--very nice feel.  This one you can cuddle with on the sofa, in the bed or take with you.  

It still would be difficult to underline or write notes.  But you can't have everything.  

Plus--it's pink and brown!  I like the funky look.  Kind of enjoyable.  One could have a his and her's in the house by going blue and pink.  You could give a set to a couple.  I ordered mine from CPH here.  

What's really nice is, you can have an instant devotion.  You have your reading and you can read the Law Gospel section below, or read something from the introduction to the particular book, and voila.  The commentary is very good and as has been shown the best you can get in a study Bible.  Very cool!

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