Thursday, March 31, 2011

Excitement with Kinect

Auntie Brigitte has boxed and won a round.  She has also downhill ski-ed and screaming all the way ended up winning the race, too.  She also won a dance competition but she could not get the horse moving.  She also did not do well in Football, but still, at least, managed to lose her breath.  So obviously that was exercise.  

Now off to Badminton in a real life gymn.


Steve Martin said...

Nice going, Brigitte!

We'll look for you at the next Olympic games!

Brigitte said...

Yes, thanks, great fun, but now my feet hurt. Amazing technology.

Steve Martin said...

Have you seen the Calvin, Zwingli video? They are discussing the real presence. Amazing.


Brigitte said...

I just saw it. Those two little guys seem to be preachers in the making. Very cute!

Calvin and Zwingli. Ya, very, very much too bad. Unnecessary division. Distressing.

Steve Martin said...

It is sad...but the little guys are SO cute!