Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wasting Time?

I spent too much time today commenting at the Globe and Mail regarding the Pope's statement on doctors counseling for life not abortion.

The overwhelming critique of, not to say hatred toward, the Pope and the RC church still has me somewhat incredulously stunned.  It becomes hard to promote pro-life views in this climate.  The hushed up pedophilia, the top-down structure, the impossibility for change, and things we as Lutherans would criticize in addition combine to quite a flood of bitter complaints and angry taunts. 

(picture stolen from Steve's Old Adam blog)

I am "simul" and commented in about four different places.  I got a ton of thumbs down's.   Somehow, it strikes me as ridiculous in the end.  I feel very sorry for the victims of the paedophilia and other abuses.  It is hard for them to trust anyone, including God, and what a sad situation.

I  wasted my time, possibily, on trying to get a spell checker for Window's Explorer, downloading an add-on which seems to do nothing.  Maybe it will kick in somehow still or may I'll read some instructions, or something.  Meanwhile forgive all the mistakes.

Oh, well.  God bless everyone's Sunday.

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Steve Martin said...

If you're getting a ton of "thumbs down" on a site like are doing great!

"Blessed is he who is perseuted for my sake"

And...I stole the photo from "The Sacred Sandwich. (but I did give them credit)