Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Pope commands and Karlstadt forbids.

I was very wrong, when I said a lot of the stuff in Martin Brecht's Luther biography I knew already.

We are presently a little stuck in the time leading up to the Peasants War.  We got a thorough analysis and summary of various things written against Karlstadt including "Against the Heavenly Prophets", (which we read almost entire but a bit in skim-like fashion just several days ago). 

The business with Karlstadt is very important.  Luther put his foot down and some think very hard.  All the little details and what Karlstadt exactly taught are important to examine properly.  The echo of this departure still reverberates in the world. 

I liked this little summary of what Luther thought about it all:

(Or I would say:  The pope commands and Karlstadt forbids.)

Brecht says: 

"both of them bind the conscience.  In this regard they were cousins.  In contrast, Luther would follow a middle course and let ceremonies be free."
(p. 161, Martin Brecht, "Martin Luther;  Shaping and Defining the Reformation.")

Also for James, I read the Heidelberg Catechism and I want to finish reading the Formual of Concord.  I am going on a short trip which involves many airports.  Since the BOC is too big, I will just bring the Brecht.

Here is a picture of Karlstadt.  There do not seem to exist very many.

"The pope commands what is to be done (Gebot), Dr. Karlstadt what is not to be done (Verbot)".


Steve Martin said...

The Pope and Karlstadt, "two wolves tied at the tail".

Apprearing so different, and as each other's foe...but of the same add something to the work of Christ.

Thanks be to God for good ol' Marty not putting up with either.

Brigitte said...

Yes, indeed, Steve.

What is also important about this controversy is how it also leads into the sacramentarian one. Right off the bat Luther takes Kalstadt to task about all the symbolic understandings. It does not take a Christian to take everything symbolically he points out.

Anyhow, there were a whole lot of things that were going wrong with Karlstadt and though he seemed stressed out by it all, he someone never turned back from his path.