Monday, February 28, 2011

Let the "Flattergeister" go, someone told me, but...

I commented here.

Our precious CBC radio programming (and I am a fan) presented us with this lovely thing on Sunday afternoon.


Steve Martin said...

Good going, Brigitte. I gave you the ol' thumbs up.

What are these people preachers then?

If one doesn't believe, that's fine. But one should NOT BE IN THE CHURCH... spreading their poison.

Thanks, Gitte!

Brigitte said...

Thanks Steve, but soo many spelling mistakes. What an idiot. I did not even re-read it. I am trying to use Safari now; it has a decent spell checker but I can't figure out how to import and use a Favorites list in it.

Well, you can listen to the story. It is a feature of poisenous religion that the poor men who become pastors and come through a liberal seminary have no faith and now they are supposed to preach for a living. It is a "trap" for them.

One does kind of have to blame the seminaries to some extent.

Steve Martin said...

"One does kind of have to blame the seminaries to some extent."

Right! And the congregations!

I'd give a pastor like that the boot in a New York minute.