Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Inclement weather/stay at home/found a hymn book

So in comparing all the snow pictures on Facebook,who has the biggest piles of snow?

The new library-slash-gym.  I am looking at the hymnal on the table instead of getting on the treadmill.  I just discovered it in our piles of things.

It belonged to someone from Zwingenberg (see last post).

Now, I will really, really, truly, go on the treadmill and then I will cook dinner. 


Steve Martin said...

Wow! What a great, old hymnal!

Your library/gym looks great! (I would read about exercising)

You have us beat in the cold and snowy weather dept. But we are gaining on you. The mercury has just dropped to 11 C.

This global warming stuff is for the birds!

Brigitte said...

Reading about exercising: there is a solution! That'll be the the worst of both worlds. Neither the reading, nor the avoidance of exercising will be profitable.

You are doing very well with measuring in Celsius! At 11 degrees you might have to wear some decent jackets or sweaters.

Steve Martin said...

"You are doing very well with measuring in Celsius!"

Not really. I found an online conversion chart.

"Everything in moderation". Reading about exercising is a good 1st step. I seem to have a lot of trouble with that 2nd step, however.