Thursday, January 6, 2011

Epiphany and "Thy Strong Word"

Today, I am going to an Epiphany party, apparently a tradition passed down from someone's Roman Catholic grandmother featuring a charming custom involving coins in dumplings.  I am sure there will be a devotion, as well.  I'm bringing a contribution of food, which has turned out to be a cheesecake of recipe of my own mixing together German and Canadian recipes. My brother declared this cake "surprisingly good" the other day--which is high praise indeed coming from him. :)

The hymns for Sunday have been practiced already. I've been singing through them, also, since I won't be able to sing them on Sunday.  One of them is "Thy Strong Word Did Cleave the Darkness", a very favorite of many. The text is not in public domain, which has not stopped other people from posting the song, thankfully.  (See below). The melody is the stirring Welsh tune called Ebenezer, which is in public domain.

Here is a very dramatic presentation of the hymn.

And here is also the text.

Arthur Just also gave a wonderful talk discussing the hymn on Issues, etc.

All of the above is totally worth pondering, singing and listening to glorying in God's revelation and uttering his praise.

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