Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Of Conferences and Books

The Love Life 5 Conference was fabulous.  Our speakers were excellent.  I'd like to write about it some time.  I am probably in charge of uploading videos and audio files, which at the moment I haven't a clue how to do.

I also want to report that between the conference and my congregation I was able to place (sell, give away, lend out) 11 books, that weekend:  three Giertz'es ("To Live with Christ"), two "Faith Alone. 365 days with Luther", two "Evening and Morning" CD's, one book on "Joy" by Harrison, one Veith's "Spirituality of the Cross", and one "Lutheran Book of Prayer" and one of the new book with study guide of the "Large Catechism".   I have not yet been able to place a hymnal, of which I have a stack now, being on sale and all that, which surprises me.  Someone asked me about the "Treasury of Daily Prayer" and I talked it up;  she will buy three on-line and give them as Christmas presents.  (Great idea!)

(I pray all will find blessed use.)

Just one more thing.  In terms of books and people knowing about them, owning them and using them--when I was in Washington, the congregation I visited had this little case in its fellowship hall.  Another great idea!

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