Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No blogging until the New Year.

Dear Friends:  there will be an extended break in broadcasting from this blog, at least until the new year, God willing that we shall see it.  Blessed Advent and Christmas season to you, in the meantime.  Visit me, if you would like to. That would be grand!  Phone number the same as always.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Luther's Sermon on the conception of Mary in several translations and versions.

Luther's sermon on Mary's conception, immaculate or otherwise,  is also found in Latin here.
It begins on p. 360, which is about 3/4 into the book, if you are scrolling down.

(I notice that my old Latin suffices to analyze some of it, especially now that I've read the sermon about  six times in German and in Matthew Carver's English translation--which should be published soon, we think.  Having grown up in Bavaria, Latin was taught to me by sisters of the order of Mary Ward, ironically.)

There is also one more translation, which has been found, a kind of "triglotta", as Matthew Carver calls, it in German, Danish and English. Find it here.  We have the sermon now in four languages!

See also my other post on the subject, with more relevant links and some discussion in the comments.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What do you think of this?

Hello Gary (and others):  what do you think of this?  :)

Once we had a big student rally at the University of Alberta and we all got together at Rutherford and sang  Christmas Carols.  It was a great thing to do in this basically hostile environment.  Very heady.

The commercial connection with Macy's, here, does bother me, but I am glad the people look so happy singing it.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Of Conferences and Books

The Love Life 5 Conference was fabulous.  Our speakers were excellent.  I'd like to write about it some time.  I am probably in charge of uploading videos and audio files, which at the moment I haven't a clue how to do.

I also want to report that between the conference and my congregation I was able to place (sell, give away, lend out) 11 books, that weekend:  three Giertz'es ("To Live with Christ"), two "Faith Alone. 365 days with Luther", two "Evening and Morning" CD's, one book on "Joy" by Harrison, one Veith's "Spirituality of the Cross", and one "Lutheran Book of Prayer" and one of the new book with study guide of the "Large Catechism".   I have not yet been able to place a hymnal, of which I have a stack now, being on sale and all that, which surprises me.  Someone asked me about the "Treasury of Daily Prayer" and I talked it up;  she will buy three on-line and give them as Christmas presents.  (Great idea!)

(I pray all will find blessed use.)

Just one more thing.  In terms of books and people knowing about them, owning them and using them--when I was in Washington, the congregation I visited had this little case in its fellowship hall.  Another great idea!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

All Saints Day/ Baptism Birthday

Today we celebrated All Saints' Day and sang a number of tremendous hymns to Gary's uplifting organ playing.  Indeed, through Christ's precious blood we are made his saints.  Our robes have been made white through the blood of the lamb. Through joys and tribulations we make pilgrimage through this life until we reach our real home.  

I post this picture because it is the time of year when I was baptized (and that is me, there, arrayed in white), and because of the dear saints there surrounding me.  My parents and all my grandparents are there;  and they have all gone on a long time ago.  Each one of them took time to teach me the Bible, prayers and songs, beautiful things from the hymnbook, and sing and pray with me.  You knew it was the most precious thing to each of them. 

There I am this little thing brought by such witnesses and given such great gifts.  My grandpa Wilhelm, especially, prayed for all of us without ceasing and I still feel that much good has come my way from his intercession.  How much to be grateful for!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Love Life Pro-Life Conference at Concordia University College of Alberta, this Saturday

Just one more time to advertise the Love Life Conference this coming Saturday Nov. 6th.

(I will try to have all the right words in this post so that the search engine come to this post and not to others, as I noticed happened while checking the Statcounter.)

This Saturday, November 6th, beginning at 9:00 AM until about 3:30 PM with panel discussion to round out the day, and lunch provided, we will gather for the 5th Annual Love Life Conference at Concordia University College of Alberta, in Edmonton.  The series of conferences are presented on a pro-life basis grounded in scripture.  The sponsors include the Lutheran Church of Canada, Concordia Lutheran Seminary, Concordia University College of Alberta, and Lutherans for Life, Canada.

This year's theme is:  "Getting Real About Sexuality" and "Therefore honor God with your bodies". 

All the information can be found at LoveLifeEdmonton.com and a video has been posted to Youtube for further information.  Please view these for more comprehensive information on the speakers and topics.

On demand listening and viewing is planned for individuals who cannot attend or would like to use the materials in another setting.

Monday, November 1, 2010

The conception of the virgin Mary/Luther

I will be very brief, because this week is very busy.  I should go on Sendepause.

Just one thing, if you would like to see some work James Swan did on refuting some Roman Catholic's misuse of one of Luther's sermons, repeated from book to book, and spread far and wide,  please go see this current post.  I spent quite a bit of time reading the sermon in question in various versions this weekend, and translated some portions of it for James, summarized the rest, and made some comments, pointed out some inconsistencies.  This is a great pleasure and honor for me to do for him to help advance his Luther apologetics work.

Here are two versions of the entire sermon in German.  One version has summary that the other one is lacking.  The other one has an ending that was removed after that particular edition.  You may read and comment if you can and like.  When I have time, I might translate it all here.  Maybe next week.  Ask me questions if you like.  Also see my comment on James Swan's post.

All Luther was really trying to say:  Stop speculating.  Stick with what you have in scripture.  Fight your original sin.  Be born again by baptism.  Struggle with the old Adam daily.  Don't bother spending time on praising Mary, listen to the word, instead!

Version one:  p. 282 and onward.
Version two (different ending in dispute), p. 43 onward.

See also this new post, which lists the Latin version and the Danish version.
Also James Swan has updated his post.

This week is Love Live Conference Edmonton!  See you there!