Sunday, October 24, 2010

Trip Report 1

As a few people know, I've recently enjoyed a trip to Washington DC to visit a friend and go sight-seeing.  I will just tell you a little about it, today.  The friend I travelled to see was Myrtle, a fellow Lutheran blogger.  She was a kind hostess, providing shelter, love, directions, transportation and cooking.  Many thanks to her for all her provisions!

Below find the picture she took of me enjoying her home-made quesadilla.  She thought that I could eat the entire plate, but we ended up sharing it.

(For the life of me, I cannot get this picture to go right side up.  You will have to turn your head. -- Look at that, I'm turning heads.)

The other picture I will show you today is the one my husband liked a lot.  In any case, he started laughing out loud. It is taken just north of the White House.  I am not sure what to make of it.  I kind of feel sorry for Barak Obama.  The times are very bad with all this huge new government debt.

And below find one of my favorite pictures.  This one, of course, is taken from the Word War II Memorial towards the Lincoln Memorial. The city is quite spectacularly beautiful and absolutely worth a visit.


Steve Martin said...

"I kind of feel sorry for Barak Obama. The times are very bad with all this huge new government debt."

Ah...yeah. Huge debt (so much of it) that he is responsible for.

You feel sorry for him? What about us? We gotta live with him as he dismantles the things that made this country great.

He is a disaster.

That's what we get when we don't learn history, or economics, and socialists run the school systems and media.

It's really our fault, not his. He said he wanted to transform the U.S.. He certainly is.

Brigitte said...

I am sorry, Steve, all around. I should read more American politics. I know you've tried to educate.

Though, amazingly, it seemed that Americans don't even knew where Alberta is, not to mention Edmonton, which strikes me now as the most northernmost inhabited metropolis on the continent. Surely it is, and don't I know it having come back to snow.

That is except for the worker at the Smithsonian--great dinosaur bones, there!!! Yes, indeed, great fossils here.

Brigitte said...

About the dismanteling of America; I did not hear it discussed much while I was there.

I met one young woman at Cosi's who had been kind of depressed and gone home to work as a waitress again. She had just come back into the city to try again and find work in her field. She was very sweet and we had a good talk.

Nobody I spoke to talked about Obama, aside from the brave man with his sign. It kind of strikes me as strange now, thinking about it.

Bror Erickson said...

I used to live in D.C. over at Bolling AFB. The weather was generally enjoyable. I loved walking around that city or taking the Metro. It can be a fun town. Hey the poster is a bit funny, I don't blame Martin for laughing.
Quite ridiculous though. I think it says a lot about Americans being ignorant of history that we so blithely compare everyone with Hitler. Geography and history go together. I know where Edmonton is :) thanks for turning my head.

Steve Martin said...

Of course Obama is no Hitler, but he is out to radically trasforn America, and he admits it.

For eight years we put up with Bush's likeness with a Hitler moustache.(not that I was crazy about Bush, either)

Americans don't know where Alberta is?

There are California university students who don't know where Washington D.C. is. Or even where California's capital is, or the name of the city.

Gerhardt said...

Brigitte...have you ever seen any of Rick Mercer's "Talking to Americans" videos? They are totally funny, about putting seniors on icebergs, etc. to float away thus saving the gov't the cost of their health care, etc. I see there is a common thread here. Our American friends will see that ultimately everything will unfold as it may and it won't matter who or what ultimately happens; all will be ok.

Steve Martin said...

This is a very quick read:

Wouldn't it be great if American college students would learn these few basic truths about the U.S. Constitution?

And then we could work on the politicians.

Brigitte said...

I have seen Rick Mercer. Priceless stuff. You wonder if people can really be so ignorant.

In terms of dumb Americans: the ones I met in D.C. were pretty smart and eager to learn. But just somehow anything beyond the northern border is a great unknown, something like Antartica.

I don't know how many people I told where I'm from. It might have been the moon. No recognition in the face, not a flicker of anything. Never heard of the place. Completely stumped.