Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We got started

Husband and I started on the Lutheran Confessions with the Introduction to the Formula of Concord on page 443, because the reading plan calls for a reading of the Solid Declaration for the rest of the year.

Beginning with this introduction was a good choice, as husband loves all things historical and history is what we get here.  We read everthing to do with the Interims up to page 452.  Already we are not keeping within out two page limit.  :)  I am getting the sense that husband will be eating this up, too.  Anyways, he said he was on board with the reading plan. (Good man.)

Here is where we started.  The picture is highly compressed, so we are not breaking the copyright.  (Strange thing that printing a confession could be copyright infringement, but you never know.)

This history surrounding these documents is really truly quite breath taking.  Somebody should make a movie series.

!!! Ah, yes, the inimitable Pastor Fisk should do it.

See him talk about the importance of the Confessions again.

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