Monday, September 20, 2010

LWUFTBOC or "Women of Concord"?

Perhaps, the "LWUFTBOC" should be shortened to "Girls of Concord"  or "Women of Concord".

How to read the BOC?  My problem is that when I get started I don't finish.  So, perhaps, a reading plan is in order to provide a little self-control.
Here we have links to the readings divided up over 52 weeks, but that would mean reading every day and reading on a screen.  That will not work for me.

One click over we have the whole plan.  This will be better.  You can get caught up, or get a little ahead and still stay in lock-step with others.  I will print this out and put it in my LC. 

Now, that it's going to be winter, we might be able to tack that onto the Treasury readings and do it as a couple.

There is a plan!  So, it looks like we are in week 38.

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