Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Book of Concord: for the church library or for children in grade four?

Recently, I have had some conversations about the Book of Concord which baffle me. 

The most recent one was with some who really ought to know, educated persons in my church body.  We had not met in a while and never spoken much in depth but here we were sitting across from each other over dinner.  These kinds of meetings happen to me quite regularly these days in my role as wife of chairman M. (Mao).  LOL.

So what is this other person into these days? What is this person reading?  Cool. ...  When nobody asked me what I am doing or reading I gladly volunteered this information --  I've been reading a lot of books that have come out recently from CPH, some Giertz, some Just, the Treasury every day, some Harrison...  We talked about Matt Harrison.  Nobody has heard of him.  I filled them in.  New President.  Liturgy plus mercy, etc.

So, I tell them, there is this new, great edition of the Book of Concord, the Reader's Edition.  It has shorter sentences, has great introductions to all the documents, has color plates and some other illustrations.  The eyes of the people across from me wander away. -- Ah, not a good subject for them.

One volunteers:  "Nobody will read this sort of thing."
Me: "If you don't make it available, and encourage people to read it, they surely won't.  Those who will read this sort of thing, need to be told about it."
Other: "Well, yes."
Another: "This sort of thing might be great for the church library."
Other to Another:  look at each other agreeing.  Yes, indeed for the church library!

Says I: "No, no, no, no.  Not just for the church library. Walther said there should be a Book of Concord in every household.  It should be at hand."

This contrasts with what Myrtle has been saying.  Myrtle says, children in grade 4 should begin to become acquainted with it and read it.  Someone else, a confessional expert so to speak, said the other day.  "Yes, of course, they can start with the small catechism".  Myrtle would say that they can read the Large also.  Myrtle should know.  She is a literacy expert. 

At the least, every Lutheran should know that the book exists, what is in it, that this is very, very important and why, that he should have a copy at hand and read in it.  Get yourself a Reader's Edition from CPH!  

The Book of Concord is a great treasure.  The great doctrines, with justification by faith through Christ alone at center, are defended from all angles and attacks.  Former evangelicals, baptist... eat this up and we want to put it into the church library!

Watch this recent Youtube video by Pastor Fisk.  Such an awsome job. Thank you Pastor Fisk. 

And thank God for the Book of Concord and Pastor Fisk, and Myrtle. See the link to her booklet listed in red at the bottom.  Great points, good thinking, excellent work, super presentation.  A+.  Don't miss it.  Pass it on.

Dare to Read the Book of Concord

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