Friday, July 9, 2010

Renaturalisierung/ Reunions

I learned a newly coined German word today:  "Renaturalisierung".  It would be in English:  "Renaturalizing".  The word came up when we were at the beaver dam and someone thought the filtration system of the water there was something worth remarking on.  Germans always seem to have technical ideas when they are in nature. Practical and romantic people at the same time.  It would be an example of  "Renaturalisierung".  It is supposed to be THE concept.  -- OK.  I don't think I totally got it.

It is so amazing to have a reunion after all these times and to meet the young folk, one's blood relatives whom you barely know or have never met, your elders who know all the stories.  If we can be so happy, how will it be when we are with the Lord?

It makes me think of the adopted persons, too, and how much they love their birthfamilies.

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